Charles Lowell Penhallow to Jane Addams, August 31, 1912

Olalla, Wash.,
Aug. 31, 1912.

Miss Jane Addams,

Dear Miss Addams: --

I, too, am grieved to learn that noble, earnest women who have consecrated their lives to the emancipation of Woman and all that it includes and stands for, [would] be oblivious to certain Truths; -- A new Era is dawning; It is revolution now, and not reform; Socialism is the only revolutionary party; It is the only really progressive party; It is world-wide and inclusive of all reforms; It is "The cry of the ages and the hope of the world!" Ponder this well, O! most noble woman. I cannot believe that you have, with your eyes wide open, chosen to support the so-called progressive party.

I beg you to read the Socialist platform. It is the only political platform that has, for years, advocated woman suffrage and all the reforms that you and a host of earnest women and men have yearned for and labored for and wept for.

A great responsibility rests upon you; for thousands will be influenced by your attitude in this great vital issue. The greatest crisis in human affairs that the world has ever seen, is now rapidly approaching.

I believe you have the courage of your convictions; that no "fixed idea" can hold you bound, and that [tomorrow] you will choose the way that seems to you the true way, even though it may not be the one you tread today.

Believe me to be Yours, for the emancipation of the Human Race, from the thralldom of ignorance, superstition, oppression and fear;

Charles Lowell Penhallow. [signed]

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