Mary Rozet Smith to Florence Kelley, December 16, 1906

Dec. 16.


Dear Lady

This is to send you my love and all the good wishes of the season.

I am afraid Christmas is a time when it is especially hard to get along without Margaret. I have memories of so many Christmases with her at Hull-House, from [page 2] her lovely childhood on to the season when she came with John from Hillside and was quite maternal, that she always seems very living and near at this time. She smiled down at us from the wall last evening when we were making ready for the little Christmas play and gave me great lumps in my throat from [page 3] sheer longing. So I know a little how it must be and I do think of you.

Gentle Jane told me of her glimpse of you in Cincinnati. She came back a little rested and is plodding on as usual. My family is pitifully feeble and dependent and I'm afraid my dear old aunt is very near the end of her peaceful days. [page 4] But she is as gentle and patient and cheerful as ever and altogether lovely.  She and Father would send their love to you were they here.  Please give Ko and John my love and a Christmas greeting, with a bit of the enclosed [check], if they are not too old to accept it from their old friend. With much affection I am always yours. Mary R. S.