Sarah Weber Addams Young to Jane Addams, June 22, 1912

S.S. Kensington

My dear Aunt Jane

We put the last mail off in a few hours, so I now going to send this little note, as our prospects are for about ten more days of sailing. This seems to be more of a freight boat than passenger and so we are to have a long trip. We don't mind much, only that it cuts off days on the other side. We spent yesterday off Quebec and [page 2] in the [morning] we went on shore. It certainly is a quaint and interesting town. We climbed up to the citadel and were shown through it by a little French soldier, who knew very little he said, and I am sure we all discovered how little French we knew. There are only about fifty people abroad and they are mostly English or Canadian, but some of them are very interesting, and I think the voyage will be very pleasant. We certainly have enjoyed every minute so far, and of course the nicest things are to come. If it grows [illegible] [rough?] I am sure more of us will be sea-sick. Ralph Root told me the day we started that I could transfer my return passage to the American line and in that way sail home from France. I am so hungry all the time and eat so much that I [am] afraid I shall be as large as Aunt Alice before I land. We had an interesting day in Montreal, but [page 3] it is not near so interesting as Quebec. I am improving time reading American history -- so I will be a little prepared for next year.

With a heart full of love and gratitude I now as every young lovingly


June 22.

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