Charles McCarthy to Jane Addams, December 24, 1912


December 24, 1912.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams:-

I got the enclosed telegram [today]. Is it possible that you may mean December 26th? If you mean December 26th, I do not think I can be at the meeting. I am going east with Professor Commons to a minimum wage conference to be held Friday morning in Boston. Professor Commons and I take the 5:40 train on the Northwestern road from Madison Christmas afternoon and leave some time Christmas night for Boston.

I do not see any reason, however, why I could not be present at a meeting on January 26th. I hope to return from Boston about January 1st. It seems to me that i ought to be in Chicago about January 2nd or 3rd on my way to Madison.

You can reach me at the Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston.

Very truly yours,

C McCarthy [signed]

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