Jane Addams to George Platt Brett Sr., December 14, 1906


Dec. 14, 1906.

My dear Mr. [Brett]:

You know of course, much better than I as to the date of publication, and January 16th seems to me very reasonable.  I wrote from Washington as I did hoping that this presentation of the spiritual effect of immigration so to speak, might actually influence some of the men who are halting between restriction and anti-restriction. Two copies of the book have been sent to me from the Mason Henry Press, for which I have sent my check. I think I will need no others. Enclosed please find the list of people whom the book might with advantage be sent from the advertising side. I remember that I sent such a list before, I also enclose receipt for the check received.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

Mr. [Brett],
Macmillan Company,
New York City.