Mary H. Ingham to Jane Addams, December 16, 1912

Washington Party

PHILADELPHIA, December 16th 1912

My dear Miss Addams,

I was so sorry that I had to leave Chicago without seeing you at Hull House. I was learning so much and so rapidly from the women of the Illinois Conference that it seemed necessary to give up other pleasures. When I saw you had no time to thank you for your letter of December 7th about the meeting at Mr. Pinchot's house. I felt you were entirely right in your action then and in the Committee on Plan. What the Philadelphia Progressive League has to suggest by way of Plan for organization is not in any way opposed to that remarkable Plan of the Committee on Plan but serves as a link between the National, State & County organizations and the "Progressive Service." I sent you my report to Dean Lewis so that you should understnad where we stand. We are now working out the [page 2] League machinery so as to make it a State organization and be able to submit that to the Executive Committee of the National Party if it is desired.

Now may I say that I was so glad to have a letter from you that I did not mind that it was an exaplanation of something that needed no explaining.  If there is one thing that we Progressives have [learned], it is trust in our leaders. If the time ever comes when their actions or words are not at once understood by us, we know enough to wait for a clearer vision.

Yours very sincerely,

Mary H. Ingham.