Edward William Bok to Jane Addams, December 3, 1912


December 3, 1912

My dear Miss Addams:

As the time is getting very close when we must have more "copy" for your page, it occurred to me to suggest to you the use of the material in Mrs Bowen's little books "The Department Shop Girl," "The Girl in Hotels and Restaurants" and "A Study of Public Dance Halls". I take it that these little pamphlets have not had a wide circulation, and they certainly illegible have been read by a very small percentage of our readers. It The use of the material, too, would make your work easier, and enable you to prepare enough articles for us covering your absence in Egypt.  The subjects are those that our readers should know about and will be interesting because of the close contact with their own lives. Of course, the frankest parts could be those portions omitted which would be necessary to compress each within the [page 2] 2500 word limit.

The first issue containing your pages will be published on the 20th of this month, and I shall be interested in the response which comes from it.

Believe me,
Very cordially yours

Edward Bok

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