Lillian D. Wald to Amos Pinchot, October 14, 1912


October 14, 1912.

Dear Mr. Pinchot,

Your brother telegraphed to Miss Addams asking her to take some part in your campaign. The telegram came just as Miss Addams was leaving and she was unable to reply and of course unable to speak for you during this visit. She will not be east again before election.

Dr. Moskowitz tells me that you are to speak for him in our district, and I very much hope that it will give us the opportunity of seeing you at the Settlement. If your speaking engagements on the east side begin early, will you not dine with us on that evening? Dr. Moskowitz will repeat my invitation when he sees you.

Very sincerely yours,

Lillian D. Wald [signed]

Mr. Amos Pinchot,
16 East 28th Street.
F. W. Bird Progressive Headquarters.