Women! Do Something!, [August 1912]


Women! Do Something!

If you believe your city and county need your services--give them.

If you believe women and children in industry need protection--do something.

If you believe in political work--join the Progressives.

If you believe in educational work--write for suggestions.

If you don't find the kind of work you can do in the suggestions below--find out what your neighbors are doing. Write us about it.

What to Do in the Party


Enroll as members of the Party. Do not form auxiliaries or separate clubs, and thereby lose the training and advantages of party work.

Find out who your district leader is and ask him what there is you can do. Work with the district committee.

Write or see your county chairman and ask to have a qualified woman put on the committee to represent you.

Write or see your State chairman and ask to have your most representative woman put on the State committee. Have her call meetings of the women on the county committees and formulate plans for State work. Exchange reports and ideas and have organization and education proceed along uniform lines in the county and State.

Canvass your neighborhood or district by postal card or otherwise, and set Progressive women at work distributing literature, raising money, interesting their friends and talking the Progressive platform.

Hold meetings, attend meetings and send good women to meetings.

Make the platform, especially the social and industrial, justice, health and suffrage planks, the basis of your speeches, your work and your pledge.

Don't think some one else is doing your work. Work as though success depended on you.

Send names of possible contributors or workers.

Don't be afraid to report to National and State headquarters what is going on in your district. Report what is being done or said either by the Progressives or their opponents. In this way weak districts may be strengthened and strong districts held.

A weekly report of what you and others are doing is a very good thing.

Get the members of your suffrage organization to join the Progressive Party. Get the association to work against all candidates in other parties that do not favor suffrage. Tell them who they are.

As fast as Progressive candidates are nominated for the Legislature, write them or ask them for their attitude on suffrage and on the protection of women and children workers.

Circularize your club members with requests for help or send them educational material.


Send to headquarters for material for speeches.

Speak if you can; if you can't, send to headquarters for speakers; attend meetings; if there are none, ask for them.

Be direct. Use facts. Talk suffrage, social justice, health and the other planks of interest to women and the home.

Use existing conditions and the platform as the basis of your speech.

Talk party, politics and principles and not candidates.

Do not attack the other parties except on suffrage.

Make your part in the campaign educational.

What to Do Outside the Party

If you do not join the party, lend a hand in the educational campaign among and for women. Send for material and suggestions.

Send for information concerning the various welfare activities now being carried on in which you can help.

Have your club include in its program civic welfare work, and discuss industrial conditions.

What can be done for babies? Is the milk supply pure? Are the streets safe playgrounds? What becomes of the working mother's child while she is at work?

Is there anything you can do to lower the cost of living?  How about the markets and middlemen and cost of delivery?

Do the working men receive a living wage, and what is the bare cost of living in your county?

Ascertain what is going on in your own locality and send in facts about the conditions of women and children which will help legislators to make wise and adequate laws.

It is every woman's task to open her mind to the conditions, to gather the facts and then DO SOMETHING.

Political and non-political workers desiring information, suggestions, outlines of work, address requests and reports to


National Committeemen.

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