Mary Rozet Smith to Margaret Dreier Robins, September 15, 1912

September 15
Bar Harbor, Maine.

My dear Mrs. Robins

Miss Addams has asked me to send you the enclosed letter and to ask if it would not be better to put this Michigan meeting in place of one of those you are planning for Illinois. She has some speaking engagements in Michigan before the fifteenth, but dislikes to give [page 2] up this chance at all the women of the state.

If it is possible to substitute some-one-else for one of the Illinois meeting Miss Addams would be very glad.

Do you know who one Mr. Cochems is? Miss Addams has had several mysterious messages asking her to confer with him about speaking engagements and <she> imagines that he is in charge [page 3] of the speaking for the campaign.

Could you [see?] him or telephone him to save further complications? She has promised to go to Denver November first and can take nothing more before the fifteenth and the New York people are anxious for national engagements which Miss Addams will try to put in after the Illinois tour.

I hope this is not confusing. [page 4]

May I send a cordial greeting in the midst of these political affairs.

Faithfully yours

Mary Rozet Smith