Marion M. Ochsner to Jane Addams, [August 1912]


My dear Miss Addams,

In the midst of all your work, I want to take enough of your time to tell you how great a privilege I felt it, to be present in that great convention and to take my small part in showing you honor. [page 2]

I can be but one of very many women made to realize more deeply than ever before, that if the many thousands of women who as honestly and sincerely espouse the cause of woman, could but show in themselves the beautiful womanhood which was in your every motive, and sounds in the tone of your voice, [page 3] the great cause would be easily won.

Never before have I so fully realized my own limitations.

If at any time -- in any way -- I can be of service to you -- I should be very glad.

With sincere regard,

Marion Ochsner

2106 Sedgwick Street. 

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