Criticizing Col. Roosevelt, August 1912



An aristocrat to his finger tips, Col. Roosevelt waves a slouch hat and gets off a few slang expressions to show the common people that he is one of them.

The most domineering political boss in America, he depends for his success largely on his abuse of the bosses.

A pretended foe to the trusts, he is backed by the steel trust and harvester trust.

Without extending any help to Cummins, LaFollette, Bryan and others, who for years, in and out of congress, have been advocating progressive principles, he jumps in and through sheer impudence tries to hog the whole credit.

A self-elected guardian of the negro, he orders the southern representatives of the race kicked out of his convention.

Demanding that the people shall rule, he inaugurates measures to defeat Deneen, who was a chosen candidate by a majority vote of the people.

What a record on which to appeal to the voters to make him a third term president!

J. G.