Anna M. Worden to Jane Addams, July 28, 1912

Kenwood N. York
July 28 -- 1912

Dear Miss Addams

Not long since a friend read me an address of yours before some [illegible] circle -- in which you advise the church to take up a crusade against the social evil, comprising [page 2] Prostitution and the White Slave trade. But the question is how much will the church help. How much is it itself involved in this mischief. 40 years ago I was Matron of a Refuge for young girls and children and I learned to doubt men more than any beast of the field. One case and that was only one, that of a sweet girl of 14 when a man high up in business and social circles lured to her doom, and who came back to us to die who was quite willing to plunge his [page 3] hands deep into his pockets to buy up the whole board of managers, Because, "My wife must not know this." When you put the same shame and contempt upon men that women have [borne] in all the ages you will [page 4] have gone far to cure the evil.

Men will not be [illegible] has been forced by them upon women. I have [also seen?] girls to face a public tribunal and go to jail rather than name their betrayer. Once they had promised and they [page 5] could not break their word. Search out the men engaged in this traffic of sensuality [illegible] their names aboard, pour on them the bitterness the young girls have borne and you will crush the serpents head. I think the majority of men look upon poor young girls as their especial prey. I shall never forget the leer on the face of a high toned man as I rallied him on his attestations to one who was very pretty. Yes, he replied she is just such a girl as we [page 6] young blades like she has no father nor brother to look after her. How I wish I could take my experience and go back to the thirties, I would join [hands] in this crusade but I am 87 -- and bound for the valley. May God speed you and bless you [in] the [page 7] good work, and give this Philistine into thy hand. The little girls O how close they are to my heart.

Anna M. Worden

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