Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, May 3, 1911


May 3, 1911.

Dear Lady:-

"The Masque of the Seasons" which seems to be the one thing Miss Lewisohn will have a chance to see is to be given in the Hull-House Theater on Saturday evening, May 20th, and again at The Child Welfare Exhibit May 25th. I would so much rather have her see one of our things in the theater first and I hope very much that you will make an effort to arrive some time on Saturday, the 20th. You haven't made us a visit for so long that I am quite remorseless in suggesting that you start earlier than you planned.

Eleanor Smith and I are both trying to persuade Mary to stay at Hot Springs through May, although I do not know with how much success. While you will be disappointed in not seeing her, I am sure we could make you comfortable and busy at Hull-House, and you could have your visit with Mary when you come to see me in my house at Bar Harbor, <a [point?]> which by the way I have taken as a solemn promise. I am saying all this [page 2] [that] you may [not] be disappointed if we persuade Mary to stay. She seems to cough with bronchitis as well as asthma, and has really had a miserable spring.

Our Child Welfare Exhibit is coming on very well and I am anxious to have you see it.

Always affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Miss Lillian D. Wald,
New York City.

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