Frances Crane Lillie to Jane Addams, April 23, 1912

5801 Monroe Ave
April 23 1912

My Dear Miss Addams,

Please excuse my belated but enthusiastic appreciation of your McClure articles. They are splendid, so quiet & effective like you! Perhaps you'll be interested to know that one of [my?] brothers-in-law handed his son <who is about to marry,> Brieux' plays & told him of Dean Sumner's plan, and when the boy had read the plays he announced his intention of getting a health certificate & said that [everyone] should read the plays.

[Today] I saw the certificate which he had sent to his father to deliver to his bride's father. [page 2]

Mrs Gartz & Mrs [Russell?] are advocating that [everyone] should read Brieux which of course they should, and your book.

Perhaps one of these days something will happen.

Faithfully yours,

Frances C Lillie