Unknown ("L. J. R." "Leo Negro") to Jane Addams, July 28, 1912


Miss Myrtle Adams is a friend of mine. Please address my mail to her at Rossville Georgia. L. J. R.

Chattanooga, Tennessee.
July 28th, 1912.
Jane Addams,

Dear Madam: Please tell me if it is proper to write 'miss' as a prefix to your name; if so, please excuse the omission.

Please note the enclosed has 3 words used for ambiguity in case any future article fall into inquisitive hands, the first one is, BLUE or blues, means soldier -- Gray means Citizen. Items of coarse means the class of women who are [vicious], for gain or otherwise; for many married women never ask for money.

You will realize the necessity for my registering this brief summary, and hereafter my reference to reports, etc, any proof or information must be mailed from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Registered.

At your leisure, you may casually, without arousing suspicion, have some reliable physician ascertain for you the extent of the evils spoken of, at the post near Chicago, Fort Sheridan, Ill.

What [percentage] of Hospital cases are Venereal? What [percentage] of time lost is from this cause. Remembering always that only the Worst cases are ever taken into the hospital at all, but allowed to run around and spread infection, many times among others than Courtesans. Remember also, that this Disease ruins the entire Blue organization In Spite of the fact that the treatment is more strict and better than the GRAY often gets. In spite of the best endeavors the <Hereafter will mean Army> Medical Department.

Certainly I should be glad to receive a copy of your Book. As to rescue work, will write a short letter soon. Just now NO money to pay soldiers -- some FEW girls Could be Rescued???

Sincerely, L. J. R. [signed]

<(Leo Negro)
Black Lion>

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