Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, February 24, 1904


My dear Alice

I am making a slow recovery from a bad attack of [tonsillitis] so that I shall have to write with a pencil. I had hoped very much that we might be able to sell Stanley's share of the Dakota land at a better price. I have put a good deal of sacrifice into the last four years that I might not need to use any of his little fortune. If we can sell the Lake Forest lot with what I have in the bank for him, it ought to put him [through] college and leave the Dakota land as a little capital for him. I have paid out this month $52.43 and 26.50 on the Lake Forest lot, all of which I have had to [loan], but I supposed that is what we meant to do, to help the children out with their property as best we could.

Could you give me the description & situation of the Dakota land, so that we might form some idea of its present value? I know one or two people I could ask. [page 2] Perhaps you could handle Stanley's share with yours, in case of selling or whatever seems best to do.

Are you coming [in] to Weber's wedding? I wish very much that you might. Mr Linn will be here and then perhaps we can finally decide on what ought to be done. In the mean time I shall be very grateful for the description of the land.

I didn't dare expose Marcet to [tonsillitis] last week, so did not see her when they all came to dinner.

Mrs Howland has had pneumonia but is getting better. They have had all sorts of illness there this winter. I am glad that Mrs Perry [is] better. Please give her my love. Always your loving sister

Jane Addams

Feby 24" 1904