Martha Ellen French to Jane Addams, August 15, 1912

Lake Forest, Ill.
Aug. 15th 1912

Dear Miss Addams,

Miss Culver and I have been following your political career (!) with much interest. Please allow me to congratulate the party upon your adhesion.

I write with some reluctance to engage your interest in the daughter of an old friend. I have known all her kin for two generations before her and they are of the right kind.

This youngest of the third generation is rather shy & not bookish [page 2] like the rest, but is an enthusiast in gymnastics & games -- and has worked successfully at Syracuse.

She would love to help on the country-club play-ground -- [to] wherever her special training would count. I think it is a paying position she needs & I have just written her mother that I think she could not find one there, but that I would speak for her. She has a handicap in hay-fever which forces her to go north for a little while about now. Pray forgive me for adding to your burdens.

yours affectionately,

M. E. French [page 3]

name of applicant: --
Miss Ruth McLauchlan
c/o Mrs. John McLauchlan.
2421 Paulina St.

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