Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, April 11, 1911


Dear Lady

The flowers shall be sent tomorrow in time for the wedding and glad we are for an opportunity to do an errand.

I have meant to write you of Mr Bowen's death, which occurred a week ago last Wednesday. The last few days were very hard indeed and both Mrs Bowen and the children were left with a sense of horror [page 2] in the midst of their grief. They are brave and fine of course but show many traces of the shock of the last days as well as of the death.

Mary Smith has been back from the South for a few days with her bronchial cold still upon her.

She looks thin and worn but the nervous symptoms as such are better. She will not go back to Bethel before the warmer [page 3] weather because she dreads the asthma which Bethel seems to have refastened upon her, [although] her father is better.

Mr. Schiff's letter seemed to me very nice and I think the very best thing that could be done with his genuine concern, it is fine after all that he cares so much more for it than for "academic freedom" or personal dignity. [page 4] Our child welfare exhibit is coming on very well and we are glad of Miss Sharp's help. I will write more soon and am always with my very best love to you Affectionately yrs Jane Addams

April 11" 1911