William H. Redington to Jane Addams, December 18, 1911

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House

Dear Miss Addams: --

I have had the pleasure of reading some of your magazine articles lately and I think you know what you are talking about.  I have been connected with this concern for more than forty years, and we have employed all the way from twenty-five to three hundred girls, and I have seen a good deal of such suffering as you write about.  If you know of some girl that is in distress, will you please take the enclosed check and use it for her benefit at your discretion.

There is one thing that I cannot understand, which is that ten or twenty years ago we were able to get such a better class of girls than we have been able to get late years.  Our factory is clean, new, sanitary, and kept in the very best condition.  It is well ventilated, with light on four sides.  Our hours are not long and we pay good wages, but we have not been able to keep up the class of help that we formerly did, and I could tell you some stories worse than what you have written about.

This letter is for yourself personally, and you need not answer it, as I know how busy you are.

Yours very truly
 W. H. Redington [signed]