Sophonisba P. Breckinridge to Jane Addams, February 26, 1912


February 26, 1912.

Dear Miss Addams,

I mailed you Saturday night the Report from the Bureau of Labor on the Relation between Occupation and Criminality in Women, thinking that you would like to have it before you left Augusta, in case you were still working on the McClure articles. The copy I mailed you is your own copy, and I hope it reaches you safely. 

I am wondering whether you have found it possible to fall in with the new dates set for the Executive Board. Can you go to Washington on the 13th and Philadelphia on the 14th? I can be in Philadelphia but I cannot make the Washington date. I had planned not to go on to this meeting, as you know, but I feel that the situation about the Journal is too critical for any one of us to be absent; and I am also inclined to take the position that unless the executive officers will do the things they are instructed by the board to do, there is not much use in our meeting. If Miss Ashley has not come to terms and will not come to terms, I am inclined to resign after one more effort. Is Mrs. Thompson sending your correspondence about the Journal? This last report from Miss Ryan seems to me a terrible indictment of the office there.

We are missing you more than I can say, but we are glad to think of you where you are having a rest and where the climate is somewhat [illegible] than it has been here. [bottom of page ripped]

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