Unknown ("M. McG.") to Jane Addams, ca. 1911


Miss [Addams]

I have been reading in your book called Twenty Years at Hull House and I [can't] make [any] thing out of it except that you have a [very] high [opinion] of Jane [Addams] and of the [worth] of her soul. When you look through the book for [any] thing that seems like sympathy you get a lemon. I was a neighbor of Hull House when it first started up and I got help in [many] ways especially where I was a member of The Lincoln Club but since it has to be run by [capitalists] who can afford to give some of the tainted money they have squeezed out of [page 2] [their] brothers Hull House don't stand for [any] thing in [particular] that counts. I think you started out all right. But you have got [off] the track you have [tried] to carry water on both [shoulders] and you have got your head turned perhaps you will turn back one of these days when you get enough experience this is the hope of a friend of Hull House 15 years ago.

M McG.

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