Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, February 19, 1912

The Hampton Terrace
Augusta, Georgia

My dear Alice

It was very nice to have a letter from you here. We are settled in a very comfortable and even gorgeous hotel and I am working on the new book at the rate of about ten hours a day.

However I hope to get it off [page 2] to Macmillan soon and then to have time for play in the wonderful climate. Mrs Bowen has two young people with her so that in spite of numbers we are something of the golf and riding people. We are all to motor to Aiken today.

The little Hulberts are [page 3] slowly recovering and poor Esther can stop for breath. She has had a horrible [illegible] winter. I was sorry to hear about your "grip," it has had many victims this year in the [way] of [infected?] [autumns?], as I had last year.

We except to be <here> a week longer. I hope to see Clara Landsberg and her mother on my way back. [page 4] Mrs Landsberg is really quite wonderful in the way she is facing death.

Do let me hear from you here again. Mrs Bowen sends her love to you. Always your loving sister Jane Addams

Feb'y. 19″ 1912