Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, February 9, 1911


Will you save the [enclosed] clippings & letters for the 20 [yrs] box--

Hotel Belmont
New York


Your one letter and Alices give rather a forlorn impression of your poor old back. I do wish that we had never planned such a long sojourn away -- it is too long and I am filled with a yearning to see you and if be of comfort -- if I can.

I sent a foolish little hot-water pot to you -- thinking that you were still dining but [illegible] probably. [page 2] 

The prints & old engravings are not from me but this really is and goes with all any heart-- We rather lost our heads over the old prints I think but perhaps you will like them when detached.

I have worked like a trooper over my paper but it isn't going very well yet. I sat next to Felix at dinner last night, we get on better than we used to.

Bless you Darling, always
yrs J. A.

Feby 9" 1911

Dr Adler

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