Graham Taylor to Jane Addams, February 12, 1912


Chicago, Feb. 12, 1912.

My dear Miss Addams: --

Will you write Arthur Kellogg just a sentence or two as to why you think it [worthwhile] to write for THE SURVEY. This will be your only and modest contribution to this advertising agony, which will soon be over. He wants it for a circumspect folder, announcing your "coming out party", (my figure of speech and quotation marks, not his.) He asseverates that he will humbly submit to your ukase proof of all advertising matter bearing your name. As this will delay the procedure, please send him the aforesaid sentences as soon as you get this.

[About] our understanding this morning, I have told him that your contributions may be announced as "Comments on Contemporaneous Issues", and that your first six topics, without reference to the order, or the one on which you will write first, are:

"The Recent Agitation for the Minimum Wage."
"The Pending Treaties for International Arbitration."
"Humanitarian Values of Civil Service."
"Is Police Corruption Inevitable?"
"The New Basis of the Demand for Equal Suffrage."
"Dangers of Social Self-Righteousness."

For the magazine number, copy is wanted at the New York office at least two weeks before the date of publication, or usually by the 15th of the preceding month.

Your first article will be announced for the magazine number, April 6th. The best of good times to you.

Cordially yours,

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