George Edward Chute to Jane Addams, February, 1, 1912

Princeton, Minn.
Feb'y 1, 1912.

Dear Madam:

Have been reading your splendid article "The new conscience and an ancient evil" and am convinced that it is a master-piece, yet you only casually refer to that which has a most important bearing upon the subject. [Enclosed] you will find a pamphlet of my own production that may be of some help to you in making a complex matter somewhat plainer. For the last [10] years surgeons have been secretly performing that delicate yet demoralizing operation known as vasectomy upon some of their patients thereby indirectly contributing to the white slave trade. Are they to be the judge as to who should be sterilized? [page 2] As the medical profession is not supernatural or divine but just mere men you may be sure that where there is such a splendid opportunity for graft they will embrace it.

If we had publicity in those things science would not be the hand-maid of crime. If the judiciary needs a house cleaning then the medical profession needs a new residence. I trust that you will pardon an obscure farmer for addressing you in regard to this matter. You are engaged in a noble work; you know much of the world yet there is much more for all of us to learn and to do and may it make us better.

Respectfully yours

G. E. Chute.
Princeton, Minn.

(R 4, box 14)

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