Paul Monroe to Jane Addams, December 11, 1911


December 11th. 1911.

Miss Jane Adams,

Hull House,

Chicago, Ill.


My dear Miss Adams:

I am enclosing a prospectus of the Cyclopedia of Education, and am writing to enlist your cooperation in the preparation of an article for a subsequent volume. Would you not be interested in preparing the article on the educational aspect of Social Settlement work. Or, more broadly, to give us a brief article on the Social Settlement as an Educational Institution. There should be a brief summary given of the extent of social settlement movement and also some references upon this, but especially upon the educational aspect of the work. We would not need an article of more than 1500 or 1800 words, in fact, our space is getting very crowded and it is necessary, as in any work of reference, to make the statements very concise. I should not need this article until early spring, though would be glad to have it at your earliest convenience.

The publishers are offering the standard rate remuneration for encyclopedic contributions, namely, $10 per thousand words to the amount of the assignment. We recognize that this offers no inducement or adequate compensation for the labor [page 2] involved, yet we are depending in all instances more upon the scholarly interest and the professional loyalty of our contributors. I trust we may have your cooperation. 

Very truly yours,

            Paul Monroe [signed]

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