Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, July 23, 1911

Hulls Cove Maine
July 23d 1911


Your letter about the consultation came yesterday and I have thought of little else since then. I do hope some course of medication can be [illegible] to dull the suffering, it makes me quite desperate to think of that being added to the dear man's other disabilities.

Will you let me know as soon [page 2] as you know what your plans are, or possibly this diagnosis may not of necessity change them, if the course of the disease is slow. Your poor dear child. I know how you must be torn and I am restless to be so far away. 

The weather here is quite heavenly but I am fast reaching the point where the draw to be with you is fast counterbalancing all its [beauties?]. 

Always yours Dear, J. A.

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