The Works of the Sesame Publishing House, ca. 1925


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1. Poems by Goethe (O)
2. W.Th. Fischer, The Golden Pot (M)
3. P. Heyse, The fairy tale of Niels with the open hand (M)
4. Graf von Platen, Rosensohn. (M)
5. Th. Storm, Snow White (U)
6. E. Rena, Princess Sunshine. (U)
7. S. Lagerlöf, The child of Bethlehem. (M)
8. E. Mörike, Poems and short stories. (M)
9. Brüder Grimm, Thirty German folk tales. (M)
10. G. Ou. Knoop, Five fairy tales. (M)
11. F. Rückert und A. Kopisch, Ten merry Fairy tales in verse. (U)
12. G. A.Bürger, Münchhausen: Travels on land. (M)
13. G. A. Bürger, Münchhausen: Sea travels. (M)
14. C. Lemonnier, Jack and Murph. (O)
15. 16. C. Brentano, Gockel, Hinkel und Gackeleia. (M)
17. E. De Amicis, From the Appenines to the Andes. (O)
18, 19. E.T.A. Hoffmann, The strange child (M)
20.21. Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. (M)

22. Four fairy tales by Andersen. (O)
23. From Grimms‘ Fairy tales (U)
24. Swedish Folk tales. (M)
25. H.H. Bojesen, With the Indigenous Alaskans (M)
26. Uhland’s poems (O) [Uhland’s poems]
27. Th. Gautier, My private menagerie. (O)
28. A. Daudel, Letters from my mill. (O)
29. A small book Fables by Lessing, Gellert and Hebel. (M)
30 The fairy tale of the lunar giant and others (M).
31. J. Swift, Gulliver’s Travels to Liliput. (M).
32. Austrian folk tales Part. I. (M)
33. Austrian folk tales Part. II. (M)
34. G. Berlepsch, When dawn is breaking. Fairy Tales and stories. (M)
35. Nordic Sagas. (M)
36. A. Stifter, Rock Crystal. (O)
37. K. E. Edler, The colourful wings. (M)
38. Old Viennese sagas. (M)
39. J. Swift. Gulliver's Travels to Brobdingnag. (M)
40. Swiss Sagas. (M)
41. Norwegian folk tales. (M)
42. Dietrich of Bern. (M)

U = lower forms, M=[intermediate forms, O= Senior forms

Price per Issue
pb S 0.50, Mk. 0.30
hb S 1.-, MK 0.60

 [page 3]

  1. W. Hauff, Little Longnose. (M)
  2. W. Hauff, CaliphStork, The story of Little Muck. (M)
  3. J. Eichendorff, Poems and Fairy Tales. (O)
  4. Till Eulenspiegel and his adventures. (M)
  5. Z. Topelius, Sampo Lappelill. (M)
  6. Japanese folk tales. (M) []
  7. From Grimms Fairy Tales, Part II. (U)
  8. From Grimms Fairy Tales, Part III. (U)
  9. L. Tolstoi, Two Legends. (O)
  10. The small book of cats. (M)
  11. L. Timper-Anderson, Fairy Tales. (M)
  12. Russian Folktales. (O)
  13. Estonian Folktales. (M)
  14. The history of the Canterbury Pilgrims. (M)
  15. A. Gelber, Snowwhite’s Christmas in the forest. (U)
  16. J.P. Hebel, Solemn and amusing stories from the casket. (M)
  17. Citizens of Schilda/Wise men of Gotham. (M)
  18. V. Rydberg. Little Vigg’s Christmas Eve. (M)
  19. Danish folktales. (M)
  20. G. De Maupassant, Coco and other short stories. (O)
  21. The stories of Rübezahl. (M)
  22. M. Ernst, The witch of the moors and the lady of the forest. (M)

65.66. Cervantes, Don Quixote, ed. by A. Delius. (M)

67.68. D. Defoe, Robinson Crusoe. (M)

  1. G. Keller, The Little Dance Legend. Spiegel, the kitten
  2. W.v.Goethe, Puppet theater. (O)
  3. H. Scheu-Riesz, Tales from Outer Space. (M)
  4. From Grimm’s Tale, Part IV. (U)
  5. Hugo Hofmann, School stories. (O)
  6. Schiller’s poem. (O)

76.78. The Adventures of Ulysses, narrated by Charles Lamb. (O) []

  1. Sinbad, the sailor. (N)
  2. F. Rabelais, Gargantua. (O) [Gargantua]
  3. children’s verse, collected by A. Jalkolzy. (U)
  4. Grimm, Fairly tales for youngsters in children’s language. (U)

83.84. Th. Storm, The Rainmaiden and others. (M)

  1. Multatuli, The adventures of little Walter. (M)

[page 4]

[image of a rabbit and child and buggy]
  1. Gudrun, retold by Dora Stülpnagel. (O)
  2. H. Scheu-Riesz, Three fairy tale plays. (M)
  3. John Ruskin, The King of the Golden River or The Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria. (M)
  4. Robin Hood, retold by Eugenie Stein. (O)
  5. W.v. Kügelgen, Childhood memories by an old man. (O)
  6. Th. Storm, Poems. (O)
  7. Sagas of the Rhine, collected by Mela Escherich. (M)
  8. La Fontaine, Fables. (M)

94-99. Heroes of German Sagas, retold by Alois Jalkolzy (O)

94/95. I. Siegfried, the fair hero.

96/97. II. The Amali.

98/99. III. The Nibelungs‘ lament.

  1. Hans Sachs, Margravine Griselda. (O)
  2. Aladdin and the wonderful Lamp. (M)

102/103. Doctor Johannes Faust. A puppet play by Karl Simrock. (O)

  1. Emma Eckstein, Of spiders and ants. (M)
  2. Hans Sachs, Two carnival plays. (O)

106.107. Gottfried Keller, Die drei gerechten Kammacher. (O) [The three decent combmakers]

  1. Sagas of Salzburg by Karl Adrian. (M)
  2. Sagas of Hesse by M. Escherich. (M)

110.111. Ludwig Bechstein, Collected fairy tales. (M)

  1. Ali Baba and the forty thieves. (M)
  2. Englisch folk tales. (M)
  3. 116. E.T,A. Hoffmann, Little Zaches called Cinnabar, edited by Dr. J. Liebel. (M)
  4. From Grimms Fairy Tales. (U)
  5. Th. Körner, The Governess. (O)
  6. Stirian Sagas. (M)
  7. The Christmas play by the Pied Piper. (M)
  8. Jinx and Darling of Fortune. (M)
  9. Miraculous tales. (O)
  10. Punch at the miracle lake. (M)
  11. Fraungruber, a jolly book. (O)
  12. Viennese children in Switzerland. (M)
  13. The new Paris. (M)
[page 5]


[image of a man and children]

  1. Ali Baba and the forty thieves. (M)
  2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (M)
  3. The Wave. (M)
  4. Tommy Grimes and other English folk tales. (M)
  5. The yawning Princess. (M)
  6. Riquet with the Tuft. (M)
  7. Christkind’s Christmas dream. (M)
  8. The Husband Who Was to Mind the House, and other Norwegian folk tales. (M)
  9. The legend of the dance (M)
  10. Chinese folk tales. (M)
  11. The golden ladder. (M)
  12. Claudius, Poems. (M)
  13. Spann-Rheinsch, Joyful rambles. (M)
  14. Red Riding Hood. (U)
  15. Sleeping Beauty. (U)
  16. Hänsel und Gretel. (U)
  17. Cinderella (U)
  18. The Golden Spinning Wheel. (U)
  19. Serbian Folktales. (M)
  20. The Goat's Ears of the Emperor Trojan. (M)
  21. Peter Ox. (M)
  22. The serf of Khorasan. (M)
  23. Schiller, Poems. (O)
  24. Uhland, Poems. (O)
  25. The treasure grove of Kings. (M)
  26. Hebbel, Poems. (O)
  27. The tale of Cockaigne. (U)
  28. Droste-Hülshoff, Poems. (O)
  29. Snow White (U)
  30. English nursery rhymes. (U)
  31. Mörike, Poems. (O)

[page 6]

[image of children dancing]

  1. The little Havelman. (M)
  2. Of Children and Cats. (U)
  3. Lessing, Fables. (M)
  4. Storm, Poems. (O)
  5. Keller, Poems. (O)
  6. Goethe, Ballads. (O)
  7. Confucius, Maxims. (O)
  8. Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, Poems. (O)
  9. Eichendorff, Poems. (O)
  10. Dutch folk tales. (M)
  11. Russian folk tales. (M)
  12. The three rings. (M)
  13. The goat of Mr Séguin. (M)
  14. Ilonka, the magician. (M)
  15. Dutch nursery rhymes. (U)
  16. The red shoes. (U)
  17. The flying shoe. (U)
  18. The Princess of the pea. (U)
  19. The pied piper of Hameln. (M)
  20. The swineherd. The drop of water. (U)
  21. The emperor’s new clothes. Grandmother. (U)
  22. Two fairy tales by Bechstein. (M)
  23. The small bean. (U)
  24. The snow drop. (M)
  25. Indian feathers. (M)
  26. Spring dance. An Easter play. (M)

59.60. The year in images. (O)
[page 7]


The most beautiful for travel and hiking. The best unfortunately in clear engraving with simple piano accompaniment and addition of all text stanzas.

When someone takes a trip.

[image bar of music]

Published to date

  1. Love and Suffering
  2. Of rambles
  3. Christmas
  4. Of parting
  5. Festive songs
  6. Nursery rhymes
  7. Freedom songs
  8. Foreign folk songs
  9. Of hunters in the wood

Price per issue

S 0.15,                               Mk. 0.10

[page 8]


[image of a cat and kittens]

  1. C. Brentano, Gockel, Hinkel and Gackeleia.
  2. E.T.A. Hoffmann, The strange child
  3. J. Swift, Gulliver’s travels
  4. G.A. Bürger, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  5. D. Defoe, Robinson Crusoe
  6. The Adventures of Ulysses
  7. Fairy tales
  8. Gottfried Keller, [The three decent combmakers
  9. Theodor Storm, The rainmaiden
  10. Stories of Rübezahl
  11. Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
  12. Austrian folk tales
  13. Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Part I
  14. Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Part II
  15. E.T.A. Hoffmann, Little Zaches called Cinnabar
  16. Siefried, the fair hero
  17. The Amali
  18. The Nibelungs‘ lament
  19. Hauff, Fairy tales
  20. Cervantes, Don Quixote.
  21. Nursery stories
  22. Dr Johann Faust.
  23. Theodor Storm, Poems
  24. Goethe-Schiller, Poems
  25. Two animal stories
[page 9]

[image of a woman cooking]

Collections from Bunten Sesam-Büchern
Tastefully designed attractive laf-linen hardbacks, a beautiful present

1. Poems and fairy tales of German masters
2. Eastern fairy tales
3. Nordic fairy tales
4. Amusing stories
5.Gulliver’s travels – Robinson Crusoe
6.Romantic and other fairy tales
7.The King of the golden River, and other short stories
8.German Sagas
9.With the Indigenous Alaskans, and other stories
10. Animal stories
11. Heroes of German sagas
12. Garland of Fairy Tales

Each volume S 2.40, Mk 1.40

[page 11]


Collected works from Kleinen Sesam-Büchern in a new design colorful half-linen hardback

  1. Magical tales
  2. Fairy tales from around the world
  3. Fairy tales
  4. Andersen-Bechstein, Fairy tales
  5. German authors
  6. New German authors
  7. Of animals and flowers
  8. Legends
  9. Songs and Images
  10. Exciting reader for older children

 Each volume S 1.50, MK 0.90



Price S 0.80, MK 0.50

[page 12]

Alice in the Looking Glass

by Lewis Carroll. Translated by Helene Scheu-Riesz

With 12 full-page and full-colour illustrations by Uriel Birnbaum.

Alice in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll. Translated by Helene Scheu-Riesz

With full-page and full-colour illustrations by Uriel Birnbaum.The two most wonderful and most read English children’s books with full-page offset prints of drawings by the well-known master Uriel Birnbaum, bound in full-linen, with gold embossing.

Pro Band: S 5.- MK 3.-

 Journey into Life

Compiled by Eug. Hoffmann and Hans Mandl Illustrated by Alois Negrelly The book for the more mature school youth with contributions by Scheu-Riesz, Morris, Petzold, Ebner-Eschenbach, Barbusse, Foerster, Andreas Scheu, Paasche, Lagerlöf, Fielen etc. etc

Price for an elegant half-linen hardback.
10 0 stark ..............S 3.20, MK, 2.-

[page 12]



Handy small volumes with artistic cover illustrations – best english texts – high-quality presentation

  1. Japanese Fairy Tales.
  2. Tolstoi, Two Legends.
  3. Schiller’s Maid of Orleans.
  4. La Fontaine, Fables.
  5. De Amicis, From the Appenines to the Andes.
  6. Daudel, Letters from my Mill.
  7. Goethe, Puppet Show.
  8. Legends and Tales.
  9. Swift, Gullivers Travels in Liliput.
  10. Greek Stories.
  11. Hans Andersen, Fairy Tales.
  12. Esthonian Fairy Tales.
  13. Kingsley, Water Babies.
  14. Chaucer, Canterbury Tales.
  15. Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress.
  16. Robin Hood.

17.18. Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland.

  1. Aladdin and his wonderful Lamp.
  2. Fenimore Cooper, Deerslayer
  3. Ballads of the Scottish Border.
  4. Tales of Eastern Europe.

23.24. Cervantes, Don Quixote.

  1. Lessing and Gellert, Fables.
  2. Chinese Fairy Tales.
  3. Sindbad the Sailor.
  4. A Swedish Fairy Tale.
  5. Austrian Fairy Tales.
  6. Maeterlinck, The Child’s Book of the Bee.
  7. Gautier, Little Menagerie.
  8. Tales of the Rhine.
  9. The Child of Bethlehem.
  10. Welsh Tales.
  11. Irish Tales.
Price per Number:
Paperb. S 0.50, MK 0.30
Hardb.   S 1.-, MK. 0.60

 [page 13]

The cheapest English edition -- the best texts.
  1. Scheu, Riesz, The Wave.
  2. English Fairy-Tales.
  3. Scheu-Riesz, The Yawning Princess.
  4. Scheu-Riesz, The Christ-Child’s Christmas-Dream.

9.10. Pictures round the Year.

  1. Nursery Rhymes.
Pprice per issue
S - .15,       MK. - .10


Édition Sésame
The best French young adult reading.
  1. Victor Hugo, Poems
  2. J.J. Rousseau, Confessions.
  3. Schiller,The Maid of Orleans
  4. Lafontaine, Fables
  5. De Amicis, From the Appenines to the Andes
  6. Bruyère, Characters
  7. Japanese Tales
  8. Tolstoi, Two legends
  9. Daudet, The Secret of Master Cornille
  10. Fierce Feathers. A true story of the Society of Friends in America
  11. Jeannot and Colin.

Price per issue
S - .40,      Mk. - . 25

[page 14]


Sunday in the village

A picture book by a child!

Poems by Helene Scheu-Riesz. Six full-page, colour images by Helmuth Stanzel †. a 13-year old pupil of Professors Cižek.

The great success of the images by Stanzel at the Paris arts and craft exhibition promotes this book.

Half-linen hard back with a color title page.

Price S 2, -   MK. 1.20


Pictures Round the Year

A picture book for all ages.

One cannot decide what makes this small book more delightful, the charming silhouettes by H. Mandl or the enjoyable poems which Helene Scheu-Riesz composed for the book. One thing is certain, the small book is a lovely Christmas present for our youth.

Elegant half-linen hardback 25 x 25 cm.


Pictures round the Year

A small edition of a big book.

Price S - .80.   Mk - .50

Pictures round the Year

Special Sesame-Book edition of the book.

Elegant hardcover

Price S 1.-.  Mk. 0.60

[page 15]
(Somewhere and sometime)

Extravagant popular fairy tales for adults in original translations. They are a mirror of the soul of the people, attractive in their grace, delightful in their rusticity.

The elegant design -  stunning half-linen hardbacks with colour cut – and the stunning colour illustrations by our most famous masters make these books gift volumes for everyone.

  1. The magic forest
  2. Tales of Fjords and Fells
  3. Tales from Zealand
  4. From Arvor to Gasgogne
  5. Tale of the Golden Horn
  6. From Drin to Vojusa
  7. To the Nightingale


Issues 1, 2, 3, 7 and 12 are S. 2.40 , Mark. 1.50; Issues 9 and 10 are S 3.60, Mk. 2.40

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