Ada Lois James to Jane Addams, January 11, 1912

Ada James Jan 11, 1912 box7, folder 2.jpg

Oshkosh, Wis. January 11, 1912.

My Dear Miss Addams: --

I have wired your answer to Mrs. Stern, the president and expect every minute a long distance answer. I certainly ought not to maintain my opinion against your better [judgment], but ask you to read my [enclosed] article which attempts to show the moral and industrial connection with suffrage <and Consumers' League>. Of course, you agree with me [illegible] and we only differ on the proper agitation channel. Will you please return the clipping, marked either O.K. or "nil",? <I send you these letters that you may discuss dates with Miss A. Will do preparatory work for mass meeting at Sheboygan. How is your cold?>

Would you be willing to give your generous Wisconsin dates under the auspices of the Wisconsin Political Equality League, or the Cooperative committee which comprises both the elder Wis. Womans' Suffrage Association and our league?

I wish I might see you in Milwaukee, but have another engagement that night which, however, I may possibly be able to change.

6 p.m. I just called up Mrs. Stern and we decided to keep the Convention date February 15th, as long as you prefer the mass suffrage meeting later in the season. Would it be not better under the circumstances for me NOT to give a brief preliminary suffrage talk at the afternoon meeting and substitute another subject? ONE WORD OF IMMEDIATE ANSWER Yes or No would be greatly appreciated before the program is arranged.

Thanking you very heartily for your future Sheboygan promise

Yours devotedly

<[Refers?] to C. L. Convention. Please return Miss A.'s letter. I paid one shining silver dollar <personally> to Mrs. Benedict at the last meeting. She doubtlessly will remember it or find the extra dollar in account of expenses. The members of the W.S.A. seem to want to forge ahead independently, but don't let us give up too soon. I am sure the Madison plan won't work, but they have to be convinced by proof.

Will Miss A. spend the afternoon in Milwaukee? Expect Mrs B the 24th.

As ever

[illegible initials]