Emily Lawrence to Jane Addams, November 26, 1911

c/o Joseph Colob Colby!
Preston [Center]
Boston. Sunday
26 Nov

Dear Miss Addams

I wish so much that when I had the pleasure of meeting you at Chicago I had seen your Article [though] I suppose it had not been published -- so I must write now to tell you [page 2] how it has impressed me & how splendid I feel it is of you to face this awful question frankly. We had a meeting at the Eugenics Society in London before we left home in which the Dr of the Locke Hospital lectured to a large room full men & women I almost trembled at first but before I left the room I was [page 3] convinced that it was utterly right & important that these questions should be faced & understood -- but a lecture to a roomful does not tell as the articles which all can read & as I read yours telling of young men in the name of love luring young girls to their distraction. I felt that no crime compares to it & that hanging is too [page 4] good for them. They ought to be drawn & quartered! I only wish I could help you in any way [believing] now that no other question compares to it in importance & am ashamed of the ignorance in which I have lived. I shall look forward with all my heart to your next articles hoping it may be possible for some practical outcome toward [illegible] the [page 5] question. I have heard of the excellent work of the White Cross society, but all other is vague to me. My daughter & I are still on our travels & shall be in America till the middle of January. Shall you be anywhere south New York, Washington or Philadelphia in that time [page 6] Since writing this Mr Ball has been out here today & told us how much he enjoyed his visit to you. It is a happiness to see him so well again. After the breakdown that stopped our traveler's fellowship I hope Mrs Urie & the babe flourish.

Sincerest regards from
Emily Lawrence

[page 7] If the spirit should move you to write care of 

c/o Thomas Cook & Son
New York

will always find me, we are here for 10 days -- but I do not expect you to write knowing how busy you are.