Robert Hewitt to Jane Addams, November 15, 1911

Ardsley-on-Hudson, NY.
Nov 15/1911
Miss Jane Addams;
Hull House.

Dear Miss Addams,

I have read your able article in McClures, and am impressed, with your courage, and the fact that like Lincoln, you fearlessly <attack> a Slavery that can only be uprooted by just such utterances, and fearlessness, as shown by your graphic pen. I will take pleasure, in my small circle, in calling attention to the paper believing that good will come from it wherever discussed. [page 2] Recalling the very agreeable visit, to "Hull House" and your cordial hospitality, so charmingly shown, through the introduction, by your amiable, and able, assistant. Miss Nancrede, and with renewed assurances of my esteem, in which my wife and daughter join. Believe me.

Very sincerely,
Robert Hewitt.