Speech at Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Luncheon, March 23, 1924 (excerpts)


Male No Longer an Awesome Creature, Say Speakers at Reception for Jane Addams

The time has come when the male of the species is no longer regarded as an awesome creature to be looked up to and respected by all women, according to statements made at the reception given in honor of Miss Jane Addams at the headquarters of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 99 Park Ave., yesterday afternoon.

An appeal for friends in the press and a collection of $1,000 to subsidize women delegates who are coming to the league's congress in Washington, D.C., in May were the other features of the reception.

Miss Addams gave a brief history of the movement for peace which started in the early days of the war. She told of the women who are expected to come to the congress in May and to the summer school.

It was easier for women to start a movement of this sort, Miss Addams explained, because "women are freer than men. It is easier for a woman to be a pacifist."

"I found it is was easier to be an old woman than a young man during the war," she said. "Women are not as timid as men. We are more reckless, or more courageous, less afraid to brook failure."