Jane Addams to Catharine Waugh McCulloch, November 10, 1911


November 10, 1911.

My dear Mrs. McCulloch:--

I leave for New York today to attend the Board Meeting on Saturday and I will not be back until Wednesday. We have the opening of our Open-Air School for tubercular children on Wednesday afternoon so I am quite sure that the fifteenth would be impossible. Thursday and Friday seem to be pretty well filled with the National Council of Women and the Infants Welfare Association, but I think that after the eighteenth things would go very much more easily so that any appointment you make after that date will be satisfactory.

I did not offer my place to Mrs. Robbins. Could you not give her yours and that would still keep me on the Board until I could persuade Mrs. Thomas, or some other satisfactory person, to take my place? I am sorry about the fifteenth but I am really very busy.

Affectionately yours,
Jane Addams. [signed]

Mrs. Catherine Waugh McCulloch
Evanston, Illinois.

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