George Platt Brett Sr. to Jane Addams, January 10, 1911



January 10/1911

Dear Miss Addams,

Permit me to thank you for your very kind letter authorizing us to supply your "Twenty Years at Hull House" for use in the Chautauqua Circles, we to pay you a royalty of 10% on the price which we receive for copies ↑sold↓ in this way. I am very glad that you enabled us to make this sale and am quite sure that the wide distribution the book will receive in this way will enhance rather than curtail its reputation and in that way also improve the sale of the regular edition of the work. 

As it will be a long time before you will receive any of the royalties from the sale of the Hull House book, I have thought perhaps you would like us to make you a payment on account of these royalties at this time, and I am enclosing you, accordingly, a [check] for $2000. on account, which is somewhat less than the sum earned by the sale of the book to date. I trust that my sending this check at this time, in advance of its due date, will not be deemed an impertinence.

May I ask you very kindly to turn to Miss Laughlin's article in "Pearson's Magazine" for the month of January. You will find it on page 79, and I am mailing you the magazine herewith. If [page 2] the conditions are correctly stated in Miss Laughlin's article, and I am afraid that there is a good deal of truth in these statements, it would seem to me that the book which I have recently taken the liberty to urge you to write is much needed.

I think Miss Laughlin's article published in a magazine for purely popular reading is likely to do a good deal of harm, but the same facts stated in a book, and for the book public, would not, I think, be likely to injure anyone likely to read the work. In the book a good deal of attention should, I think, be given to remedial measures because it is those in which the public is, as I see it, most interested. I trust you will forgive me for continually harping on this same work. It is only because it seems to me so timely and so necessarily something that should be done now.

Yours very truly,
George P. Brett [signed]

Miss Jane Addams.

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