Unknown to Louise de Koven Bowen, November 1, 1911


Salt Lake City, Utah.
Nov. 1' 1911
Mrs. Joseph T. Bowen,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Mrs. Bowen,

I greatly regret that I could not have seen you and your associates when you visited my farm some two weeks ago, that I might have given you additional information which might be of interest to you.

There has been an Association formed to cooperate with the Drainage Canal representatives whereby the lake water may be pumped into a new canal about at Glencoe and connect with the north branch of the Chicago river, in which case all property having river frontage will double in value. Then again the city is cooperating with Park Ridge in Macadamizing the road between Park Ridge and Niles. The Commission is also making a new road to Morton Grove.

During the past few months, I have had erected new supports for my windmills which with the new platform cost about $500. The old supports, 12x12, together with the heavy lumber which I have on hand will (with the exception of the planks) be sufficient to make a bridge across the river at the North East.

As far as I can judge from my last conversation with [page 2] you and Miss Addams, as well as Mr. Knott, my farm answers all your requirements, (except boating <& swimming>), namely:-

1. Location. A quiet secluded neighborhood among honest German farmers who, in most cases, own their own farms.
2. A location sufficiently near Chicago where transportation is not too expensive and where all surplus products as well as milk and cream, can be easily delivered to Hull House by the farm team.
3. A soil which will produce the best results. This year it grew successfully over 20 varieties of vegetables, besides more corn than can be used on the place.
4. Good water. The water from the deep well near my house speaks for itself. We have not called a doctor during the four summers we have lived on the place.
5. A good orchard. The trees on my orchard are too near together but being comparatively young, could be thinned out and a number sold, if thought advisable. This orchard could easily be made to produce big results, if properly pruned and sprayed in the spring, which the boys ought to be taught to do.
The blackberry, raspberry and currant bushes are in excellent condition. Strawberries and asparagus are in good condition and could be cultivated by the boys.
6. Improvements. 25 girls could easily sleep in the large house while 14 boys could sleep in the bungalow and many in tents on the knoll east of the river.

Tennis Courts. A most desirable place in front of the house. Base Ball. An ideal field east of the turn in the river. [page 3]

Canoeing. The river can easily be dammed (see Simonson & co., Landscape Gardeners) in order that you may have the depth of water desired and thereby avoid accidents from drowning.

Fishing may also be obtained by the Government supplying the [illegible]. At this time, the boys are catching bull heads nearly every week.

In regard to swimming:- If thought advisable, the boys could easily be taken to the lake at about South Evanston, with their tent on a boy rack, or a magnificent swimming pool about 60 ft. long (with just the depth of water desired) could be erected on by Mr. F. W. Upham and which I would be pleased to have you see [although] at this time. It may be covered up.

The reason I am writing you at length is because I feel that my far, has more distinct advantages than you realize, as well as that you told me any purchase you would make, would be for cash, while nearly all the offers I have had are part trade and part cash, and if your will reconsider the matter, I will offer you the farm at 10% below its actual cost to me for improvements (can show you the checks) as well as 50% discount on the cost of all personal property (if you take the farm) for $3000.

Should you desire to further communicate with me, I expect to be at home Sunday noon, Telephone Evanston 774, and either at home or the farm during the coming week. If you wish, I will show you the Upham pool, as well as talk the matter over further with you.

Yours very truly,

I have no doubt but that [within] a few years the Milwaukee Avenue street car will go all the way to Niles.

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