Jane Addams to Katharine Coman, May 27, 1911


May 27, 1911

My dear Miss Coman:-

I am awfully sorry that there is no possible chance of a vacant apartment for next year. A number of people are in line for the first vacancies and both Mr. and Mrs. Maniere and Mr. and Mrs. Quan have been much disappointed that they could not get an apartment May first. I am awfully sorry and I am sure you will let me write to you if any possible opening occurs. I should be very happy indeed to see your niece and I am quite sure that we would be delighted to have her. It gives me a real pang to miss this opportunity of having you spend a winter at the House.

Won't you have someone write me about the operation? My address will be Hulls Cove, Main from the middle of June until the middle of September.

Did you see our Child Welfare Exhibit and what did you think of it?

Always affectionately yours,
Jane Addams [signed]
Miss Katharine Coman,
La Grange.