Jane Addams to Albert Joseph Kennedy, January 28, 1925


January 28, 1925

My dear Mr. Kennedy:

Do you like the plan of a folder of four pages as I have outlined them?

Barnett House would make a rather striking first page -- the memorial material on its reverse, page 2. Page 3, with the important matters printed in a heavier type which I think ↑could be made to↓ carry very well; and page 4, containing names of committees, etc.

I am sending you a dummy in this letter. I am also sending a copy of a suggested letter to send out with the folder. This goes a little further than asking people to be members of the committee. It seems to me a waste to write twice all around, but if that is a mistake, I can of course, change it.

I should be very glad to have the printing done here and to defray the cost myself as my contribution. I am most anxious that the matter should go through. We would then have a limited number of folders struck off to send out to all these people whose names we have. We would keep the type up and add the committee to the last number of folders ↑[send] to the others.↓

I am of course, stretching matters a little when I call my thousand and Mr. Rath's five hundred fifteen people, but perhaps it is fair enough to do that. What do you think?

Thank you so much for your letters which came this morning. I think on the whole we would better try putting it through as planned. Shall you and I be the whole committee? We were allowed I think to select our own. Shall we add Miss Coolidge, John [Elliott], etc, or shall we have only two of us directly from the settlements?

↑Faithfully yours↓

Jane Addams [signed]