Edward Clark Marsh to Jane Addams, August 17, 1911


NEW YORK, August 17, 1911.

Miss Jane Addams,
Chicago, Illinois. 

Dear Miss Addams:-

Mr. Brett, who has just left town for a few days, has handed me the MS of your new book and your letter of the 9th. I have been reading the MS and it seems to me so important and valuable that I hope you will have it ready for publication very soon. I must confess my hope, also, that you may decide not to publish it serially. You would perhaps reach more readers through a largely circulated magazine than through a book, but I doubt whether they are the kind of readers you want for this work. My impression is that there will be more weight in what you say if you present it only between covers where than can be no question of sensationalism. Of course, your handling of the subject is at the farthest removed from the sensational, yet there is, it seems to me, some danger in publishing anything on this subject in a magazine.

I am holding the MS until we can hear from you further, which will be I trust in the near future.

Yours very truly,

Edward C. Marsh [signed]

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