Statement to the International News Service, January 5, 1923


Jane Addams Fails to Visit Premiers

(International News Service)

PARIS, Jan. 5 -- Miss Jane Addams of Chicago, who came here to voice a plea for peace on behalf of the women of the world, declared today that [she had no intention of becoming involved in international politics. Miss Addams is head of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom].

The allied reparations conference was moving swiftly towards collapse when Miss Addams arrived here and she had no opportunity to interview the heads of the various delegations.

"I never had any intention of mixing in the reparations discussions," said the American woman. "It is too technical, too delicate. After my arrival here it was evident that I would have a difficult time to see the premiers and I finally gave up that hope entirely. However, I may see Premier Poincaré now that the conference is over."

Miss Addams said she would go to India on a pleasure trip before returning to the United States.

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