Yella Hertzka to Jane Addams, June 7, 1924

June 7 1924

My dear Miss [Addams], only to say [goodbye] to you and bringing in those simple words all the love I always feel in thinking of you. I hope we helped to bring more to those people we spoke to in the spirit of understanding you have [taught] us.

Canada seems to me a difficult place for our cause [page 2] but we found some women who will do their best in standing without fear for peace.

I am of those lucky persons who are taken in by wonderful souls -- Mrs [Somerset?] near Toronto, on a farm is one Mrs [Grieleave?] from Chicago [living?] in Montreal is the other, (or [illegible]). We did not come in contact with poor people. May think there are not! [page 3]

Will you thank all the people in Hull House. Miss Smith and Miss [Lovett] for everything they helped me. I hope to see some of them in Vienna.

If we [9?] delegates are longer together we will believe best love is [as solid?] should be -- spread on [illegible] the [lands] of [illegible].

We had been [illegible] [like?] the [illegible] of a qood [illegible], Miss Trimble and excellent Regisseur Miss Woods made a very good speech in Cleveland.

Always yours

[illegible] Yella [Hertzka]