Lecture on Social Unrest, September 12, 1922 (summary)



Jane Addams Opens the Third Season of Our Village Forum.

The people of Hamburg enjoyed a rare privilege on Tuesday evening when at the opening Forum of the season they were addressed by Jane Addams probably the greatest women of America if not of the world.

Pioneer settlement worker, founder of the famous Hull House, chairman of conferences national and international, delegate to world congresses, sent by the government on special humanitarian missions, writer and lecturer she stands at the head of the brave and useful women of our time.

She spoke upon social unrest in its relations to the immigration problem and brought clearly before her audience some of the difficulties and absurdities suffered by the incoming foreigners by our present laws. She deplored the fact that the old world immigrants with their ambitions and brawn are now seeking homes and work in South America and sees in the no distant future a loss to American industry in this diversion of new blood. She spoke of our one-eyed idea that the immigrant is merely a producer and reminded her audience that every incoming family adds to the list of consumers.

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