Jane Addams to Mary Hall Ingham, April 3, 1924


April 3, 1924

My dear Miss Ingham:

I did not receive your Special Delivery letter in New York but found it upon my return here after I had seen the duplicate you left for me in Washington. I had of course nothing to do with engaging Miss Woods and could not possibly ask her to withdraw as you suggest and in my opinion we must put through the Congress as best we can under the crippled conditions of the office.

The International Board has already gotten out a tentative program which is arousing a great deal of interest: the publicity work will be carried on for the present in New York where the delegates are landing, by a very clever publicity young woman who volunteers. Mrs. John J. White who lived in Washington, as you know, for a long time is coming to Washington to do what she can on the hospitality side.

I saw at the Cosmopolitan Club in New York three of the young people in charge of the Sunday afternoon meeting, they seemed to have the matter fairly well in hand.

I can't tell you how sorry I am that you have been subjected to so much that must have been most trying and difficult and how deeply I regret that the International affairs as well as the National W.I.L. became so deeply involved. Hoping to see you at the Congress or before and deeply appreciating all the fine work you have done since January. I am

Faithfully yours,