Wilbur Kelsey Thomas to Jane Addams, February 11, 1924


February 11, 1924.

Jane Addams,
Hull House,
800 South Halsted Street,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Friend:

I am very sorry that we could not have thee to help in some of the campaign work in New Jersey but I am glad to know that as soon as thee feels strong enough thee will be able to help some. The campaign work is going along fairly well. Altogether they have in cash about $1,700,000 and the reasonable expectation is that the work under way will bring in over $3,000,000. We need $10,000,000 and I doubt if we are able to get that much with the feeling as it is at the present time. The Allen Committee is working splendidly and I am very glad that they are able to get the message before the people.

The thing that I want to write about particularly is a little plan that I have had for acquainting people in Germany with the purposes of the childfeeding work. I feel that it is not enough to save the lives of children but that we must make a better world in which they can live. Therefore, it seems to me that we ought to make use of this opportunity to acquaint the people of Germany with some of the idealism that has actuated us in this work.

To this end I am asking Rufus M. Jones, General Henry T. Allen, William I. Hull, Dr. John A. Ryan, William Allen White and others to contribute the articles which can be distributed to the public press in Germany from our headquarters in Berlin. Rufus M. Jones has already written on the spiritual motives that have actuated us in this work. I am asking General Allen to write a rather general article. William Hull has been asked to emphasize particularly the need for a better international understanding and I am wondering if you would be willing to write an article in which the need for a better understanding between races would be emphasized. That represents one of the ideals [page 2] that has actuated us in this work. For instance, we have been anxious to do something toward breaking down the Anti-Semitic feeling that has been growing in the civilized world. It seems to me that you are extremely well fitted to do this and if it is not too much of a physical burden, I am wondering if you could prepare this at your early convenience.

I hope this is not asking too much.

With all good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Executive Secretary.