Eva Perry Moore to Jane Addams, December 1924

National Council of Women's Nation Wide Campaign Committee
Miss Jane Addams,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Madam:

The Sixth Quinquennial meeting of The International Council of Women will be held in Washington in May 1925. Previous meetings have been held at five year intervals in London, Rome, Toronto, Berlin and Kristiania, but this is the first time that the United States has ever had the honor of entertaining the representatives of this distinguished body of thirty-six million women.

The National Council of Women Inc. made up of thirty-eight of the most important National organizations of women in the United States with a membership of ten million women will be the hostess.

When the American invitation was extended the Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair, President of the International Council expressed the conviction that the only thing that could possibly stand in the way of the success of the meeting would be the high rate of exchange existing in foreign lands, which makes the cost of travel prohibitive and which in the small and very poor countries, might bar the attendance of delegates.

To overcome this difficulty and to cover the expense of the Quinquennial, it therefore becomes necessary for the National Council to raise a Convention fund and in the knowledge that this project, which will bring to America, delegates from thirty foreign lands to discuss with the women of America the great world problems in the settlement of which they will undoubtedly be a potential factor, will appeal to thinking men and women, we are asking a few representative and public spirited Americans to share in the entertainment of the foreign delegates and to help the women of America to bring about what will most certainly be, with their kind help, the most notable gathering of women ever held anywhere in the world.

Six hundred dollars will cover the cost of bringing one foreign delegate to the Convention and we are earnestly hoping that a few men and women who appreciate the significance of this meeting will assume this responsibility.

Will you honor and aid us by accepting nomination as a Patron of the National Council and sending us your check for One Hundred Dollars or as much more as you may elect to give.

We shall most earnestly hope for your [cooperation] and please be assured that be the amount what it may, it will be most gratefully received.

Very truly yours,

Eva Perry Moore [signed]

Mrs. Philip North Moore
President, National Council of Women of the U.S, Inc
Former President General Federation of Women's Associations.