John F. Atkinson to Jane Addams, October 7, 1903




Oct. 7, 1903.

Miss Jane Addams,
C/o Hull House, Chicago.

My dear Miss Addams:--

At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Boys' Club held this afternoon in the office of the President, I explained to the members present the circumstances under which I secured the flash-light photograph of the Chicago American Distributing room.

I am now prepared to say that you are entirely welcome to use the photograph in your forth coming report.

If there is any unpleasantness on the part of the news papers caused by the use of this picture, I now have the support of my Board of Directors.

If you deem it wise to give us credit for the use of the picture, you may do so. I am glad to lend you also a picture representing one of our evening classes. I will leave it ↑to↓ your good judgement as to what reference to make, if any, to the feeble effort we are putting forth at 262 State Street to counteract the dreadful evil influences in the down town district with which you are perfectly familiar. I am,

Yours very respectfully,

J. F. Atkinson [signed]

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