Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, November 22, 1910



I have been here day after day hoping to go back, but so long as the wound is opened and dressed each day there seems to be too much of infection to run any risks while Halsted St is being repaved.

Up to today there has been a lot of pain, but I had a long call from Mrs Stanton Coit this afternoon and began to feel like folks. How do you like the book? I am rather distressed over the last chapter and part of others but on the whole, I am getting on with [page 2] it better than I some times do.

I am sorry and ashamed to be so far out of the strike but at the present moment there is nothing to be done but to distribute the relief to the strikers as wisely as we can, and Miss Peck seems to be doing that very well with the help of all of the residents. Sister Starr is becoming very overwrought and has had one or two fits of sobbing that have rather alarmed us all. There is every reason for worry over the strike and I do not believe that there is the least chance for [page 3] arbitration now and of course no chance that the strikers will win.

This is my first time down stairs and I hope to go out tomorrow which means that I will see your father. I haven't seen Eleanor for a week and we can't exactly comfort each other when we talk about you and a solitary Thanksgiving. How are you really & truly Darling? don't you think that you ought to tell an old friend? as it is, I am filled with all sorts of apprehensions. Bless you Dear One, I wish it was Xmas this week and you were coming home!

Always yrs J. A. Nov 22d 1910