Samuel A. Barnett to Jane Addams, November 3, 1910

Nov. 3. 10

Dear Miss Addams.

Our friend [Miss] Buckton has done much to rouse interest in allegorical plays. She is visting New York to see if people of good will care to produce [page 2] "Eager Heart" wh. has had a vogue in London.

She is avoiding theatrical companies who would run it for money gain.

I tell her that you can introduce her to the right people. Will you? 

Alas! We have delayed our visit so long I have lost touch with [page 3] New York people.  I am [slowly?] getting [strong?] after a long illness -- one of my greatest pleasures wld be to see you next year -- & show you my wife's Garden Suburb.  I am

affectionately yrs
Saml A Barnett

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
[Halsted] Street

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