Jane Addams to Ida Campbell Mott-Smith Lovett, September 14, 1924

Hull's Cove -- Maine
Sept. 14" 1924

My dear Mrs Lovett

I am so sorry to write that we won't be back to Chicago until the end of the month -- Sept 27th or 30th.

My plans [seem] so involved with the plans of other people that I cannot get away earlier [although] as you may imagine I am becoming quite impatient. It also isn't fair to you to be away so long when there must be many things to decide and to get settled.

I found however after I got home that I am pretty tired out from many [conversations] and only during the last few weeks have I felt quite vigorous again, and Mary Smith is very severe about my finishing out the month for my own health account. [page 2]

Esther Hulbert and Mary are here for the week and it is very nice to see them slowly turn brown and rested.

Your blue sweater is in constant demand. I have just brought it down to carry up a mountain path (a very mild path) to put on at the top.

Your kindnesses surround us at every turn. Hoping your old H. H. isn't too confused and lonely (it often is lonely to me). I am always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

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