Jane Addams to Ida Lovett, September 19, 1924

Hull's Cove
Sept 19" 1924

My Dear Mrs Lovett

Mary Smith and I are coming home via New York and will arrive Monday Sept 29" either at 9.45 A.M. or at 4 P.M. -- as we are able to get tickets from N.Y. I feel that it is an [page 2] imposition on you to stay away so long while you are having so much responsibility at the House.

I was rather wretched the first part of the summer and it seems better to stay as late as possible.

You have doubtless seem the clipping about Mr Zueblin's death -- I suppose the Boyntons were with Mrs Zueblin at [page 3] the time as this may bring them back earlier.

With much love to you always devotedly yours Jane Addams.

P.S. Confidential

I did not know until Mr Byron's last letter that the O'Hares were still at Hull-House. I do hope they may be gotten away before my return, it will be less awkward. I will explain to you.